Gears and Wood


The Gears and Wood theme for WordPress is an elegant Victorian/steampunk design with brass gears and nameplates on a wooden background. Gears and Wood supports sidebar widgets and includes stylesheets for printing and cross-browser compatibility, including Internet Explorer (IE). The theme is released under GPL



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The Gears and Wood free WordPress theme is licensed under the GNU Public License v2.0 (GPL2). You are free to use and modify the theme as you see fit.

While it is not a requirement that you do so, it would be very much appreciated if you were to leave the ‘Code and Reload’ credit (and link) in the theme’s footer. Doing so gives credit where credit is due, which seems only fair. In addition, it might help direct a little additional business my way which will, in turn, allow me to continue work on this and other great WordPress themes, plugins, etc. Finally, it gives great karma!


  • 1.0 – Initial public release (2010-09-23)
  • 1.1 – update (2010-10-12)
    • removed unnecessary calls to function_exists for dynamic sidebar and register sidebar
    • replaced wp_specialchars (deprecated) with esc_html
    • utilized wp_enqueue_style function for add’l stylesheets (excluding IE stylesheet that needed to be wrapped in conditionals)
    • hooked sidebar registration to widgits_init action hook
    • replaced hard-coded comment form with comment_form function
    • removed stray Kubrick textdomain references
    • separated out header.php and footer.php from index.php
    • added credit to WP default (Kubrick-based) theme
  • 1.2 – update (2010-10-18)
    • initialized commentsOpen variable
    • moved wp_footer call to proper position before body end
    • set max-width in stylesheet to handle excessive images


Coders love caffeine — and I’m no exception 😉

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