Coloring and Activity Book Framework

This framework handles adding pages to a coloring/activity book and lays them out for print using css.

The CSS has rules for page-breaks and fitting the images to the page.

Selected folders are traversed looking for svg files or raster images to add to the selection fields on the front-end.

The entered name is passed as a GET query variable to the svg file allowing the svg file to get the name from the path and dynamically change text on the activity-page through the use of Javascript.

Additional scripts are loaded from a specific folder if necessary.

Dynamic endpoints can also be added. The examples in the demo are the word-search and sudoku pages.

Demo the Coloring Book framework in a new window/tab.

Download a sample file created from this Demo. The sample was created by printing to a virtual PDF printer.

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This was an exercise in creating a stylesheet that makes the CSS Zen Garden emulate a mainstream website. I used deviantArt as my example.

Visit CSS Zen

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Personal Blog

This is my personal website and blog to discuss current projects and thoughts. This site evolved from an assignment for a college web-design course. I created a book list database leveraging Amazon’s API via a custom WordPress plugin.

Visit my personal blog.

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Moon Crayon

This website was created as part of a college class assignment to make a website for a fake product. I chose to design a page to sell comic book related merchandise and sell a story.

The site was designed and built “from scratch” starting with a Photoshop mockup that I created. Parts of the site were loaded and parsed by a template from a static text file.

Visit Moon Crayon.

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