WordPress Plugins

I am creating a few plugins for WordPress. Check them out! Hopefully, you’ll find something you like

  • Custom Admin-Bar Favorites - This plugin allows each administrator and others users with a specially-defined user-capability to define a custom menu on the admin-bar of his or her favorite shortcuts.
  • Generator Obfuscator - This plugin can be used to change the generator meta tag on your WordPress pages to confuse hackers, script-kiddies, etc. You can choose from a number of common CMS-type products to be listed instead of WordPress, or you can remove the generator meta tag entirely.
  • Allow Shortcodes in Text Widgets - This plugin allow the blog-owner to enable/disable the usage of shortcodes in the default text widget provided by WordPress along with smilies if enabled for the blog.
  • Creative Commons Media Tagger - This plugin provides the ability to tag media in the media library as having a Creative Commons (CC) license. The license shows up on the attachment page and is optimized for search engines (SEO) using RDFa metadata. It optionally extends the search form to allow searches for CC-tagged media. It can display a text link to the license, an image link to the license, or both.
  • Nice Quotes Rotator - This plugin provides the ability to have randomly selected quotes displayed on the admin page, by using a shortcode or by using a sidebar widget. The quotes include user-entered quotes, and can optionally include excerpts from a user-chosen category and can also optionally include links from a user-chosen links category There also is an option for including the lyrics from “Hello Dolly”. The plugin can be used for random quotes, rotating testimonials, rotating random affiliate links, or random featured posts. It was inspired by the Hello Dolly plugin (hello.php) that comes bundled with WordPress.
  • swfObject Reloaded - This plugin allows easy embedding of swf files and better media management for swf files, allowing swf files to have a height, width, and their own minimum flash version. This plugin adds a swfobject shortcode that can be inserted via the “Add media” button while editing a post. SWF files are now also automatically embedded on their respective attachment pages.