zSpace 3D Viewer

This SWF load a series of images and allows you to move through them with several different modes, including, button, auto-forward, auto-reverse, mouse, and keyboard. By loading a series of images, an illusion of animation occurs that makes it appear has the ability to view the subject from all sides. This was inspired by certain […]

Stellar Run Beta

Work-in-Progress: Ask to see the game during an interview. This are some of the assets for a game I am collaborating on. The game Stellar Run is a top-down shooter game(similar to Asteroids) in which you must remove junk in space while escorting fallen star(s) back into space. The style is simplistic as part of […]

Dress-up Game Engine

This is a test of dressup-game engine designed to easily allow non-programmers to create dress-up games quickly. The most notable feature of the engine is the ability to have objects split across movieclips in various layers (such as the background and foreground in this example). The camera icon exports an image to be used on […]

Battle Checkers

Battle Checkers is a two-player action/strategy game based on the well-known game of checkers, but with the addition of a deck of “action cards” which are drawn and/or played on each turn. These action cards change and enhance the standard checkers gameplay, adding a bit of RPG-style action. Action cards include things like forcing promotion […]